Interactive installation- 2010


Using personal experience, I created a room in which I deprived my viewer's senses in order to simulate the anxiety one would have with Nyctophobia- an intense fear of the dark.


In my own experience, I have felt an overwhelming sense of dread when faced with a dark room. My mind starts playing out colorful scenarios in which there are ghouls and monsters hiding in the blackness. My own imagination works against me as I vividly dissect my own person thinking about what awaits me in those dark spaces.


In "Nyctophobia", you are subjected to complete blackness, heat, isolation, and a myriad of noises and indecipherable voices calling out to you from every point of the darkened room. As you walk through the space you run into tendrils hanging from the ceiling. Often, you will get tangled up in them and they will cling to your person. The only way out of this space is through a door you must find at the other end of the room. You must overcome the experience in order to find safety on the other side of the door.